Looking to have more flexibility with your retirement dollars? Then, join us for this exclusive client appreciation dinner event.

“Strategies for Accessing, Protecting* & Controlling Your Money in Retirement”

A special guest speaker from Allianz will be joining us to answer your questions!

In this dinner seminar, we’ll cover some timely information, including…

Wednesday, Jun. 28th
Noon & 6:30pm

6:30 event is waitlist only

Client Education Events

Meet Us At

126 Vintage Park Blvd. H
Houston, TX 77070
Lunch Seminar at Noon
Dinner Seminar at 6:30pm
Please arrive 15-30 mins early.

Benefit Flexibility

  • How flexibility in your annuity may help with life’s “what ifs”
  • Lifetime income versus annuity payments – which one is right for you?
  • Weighing the pros and cons

Growth Potential

  • Ways to possibly increase your growth potential
  • Can you postpone income for more accumulation with an annuity?
  • Types of indexes: How do they impact benefits?

Annuity Bonuses

  • Premium bonuses of up to 25% 
  • Up to 50% interest bonuses: how do they work?
  • Protected Income Value (PIV)

Income Options

  • Potential income withdrawals as early as after 10 years
  • How holding off on income or annuity payments may affect your retirement 
  • Flexibility in income amounts

Preparing for Life Changes

  • Ways to access your money early if you need it
  • Potential income increase if you need nursing home or other qualified care
  • Possible inflation-mitigation strategies

This NEW seminar will have you feeling great about your retirement and your relationship with Leon Brand and Future Financial Solutions.

Bring your questions and enjoy! Hope to see you there.

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